The Summer 2014 school-life anime, Jinsei has provided plenty of laughs as its main characters provided… um… valuable life advice (?) from their fellow students. The official VAP youtube channel has recently released a new music video of the anime’s ED song, titled Jinsei ☆ Kimi-iro, and it features the anime’s five female voice cast members cosplaying their respective characters.

The video features Moe Toyota as Literature Club president/ rich girl Fumi Kujou, Hiyori Nitta as the sharp-tongued (tsundere) Science Club president, Rino Endou, and Ayaka Suwa as Ikumi Suzuki, the overly-energetic representative of the Sports Clubs. Also featured are Rena Maeda as the scheming president of the 2nd newspaper club and mastermind of the Jinsei life-counseling service, Ayaka Nikaidou, and Saori Oonishi who plays the art club president, Eri Murakami.


The video is to promote the release of the anime’s upcoming Volume 1 Blu-ray/ DVD box which will be released on September 3, 2014. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray editions of Jinsei Volume 1 will be coming with a CD containing the Jinsei ☆ Kimi-iro single. The full live action music video meanwhile will be bundled with Volume 2 which will be released October 22, 2014 for both Blu-ray and DVD formats.

jinsei live action

The anime follows Yuuki Akamatsu, a member of the 2nd Newspaper club who is forced to be the mediator to the three life counselors, Fumi Kujou (Literature), Ikumi Suzuki (Sports), and Rino Endou (Sciences) who don’t seem to agree on anything.


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