The bubbly leader and founder of the school idol group μ’s, Honoka Kosaka, is celebrating her birthday today, August 3, 2014, and surely enough, Love Live! fans (or Love Livers as they like to be called), have celebrated her birthday with a bang.

The Love Live! staff twitter page announced it yesterday, and that announcement marked the start of the celebrations as fans took to the internet (again) to show Honoka some love.


Some, like @ Kanonbach, celebrated her birthday with some artworks.


 meanwhile greeted the school idol with his own special artwork.


While others like , greeted the birthday girl with some cute chibi art


While some, like @ Hikage6564, brought out the cake and some Honoka merchandise to party.

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Some, like @ Monoimi_inkyo, celebrated Honoka’s birthday in an even grander style, with not just cake, but an entire Honoka shrine.

honoka2 honoka3 honoka4

You can also check out how other fans celebrated the birthdays of their own favorite anime characters through this link:

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