Fuji TV’s legendary Noitamina anime block (which is Animation spelled backwards) has produced plenty of unforgettable anime series since 2005. It’s rise began in the 2000’s and never looked back ever since, and now, MyNavi Woman has asked its readers which Noitamina anime from the 2000’s do they think is the best.


Please note that the anime featured are Noitama block anime from the 2000’s (2000 – 2009), so series like AnoHana (2011) and Silver Spoon (2013) are not included. Here are the results of their survey,  Top 8 Noitamina anime from the 2000’s

6/7/8 (tied): Mononoke (Summer 2006)
4.6% of the votes


6/7/8 (tied): Hataraki Man (Autumn 2006)
4.6% of the votes


6/7/8 (tied): Honey and Clover II (Summer 2006)
4.6% of the votes


5: Antique Bakery (Summer 2008)
5.6% of the votes


4: Eden of the East (Spring 2009)
8.3% of the votes


3: Honey & Clover (Spring 2005)
10.2% of the votes


2: Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture (Autumn 2007)
15.7% of the votes


1: Nodame Cantabile (Winter 2007)
16.7% of the votes


The classic shoujo anime, Nodame Cantabile takes the top spot in MyNavi Woman’s list of top 8 Noitamina anime from the 2000’s. Many who responded to the poll have commented that the series was very interesting and it made them more interested in classical music.

#2 ranked Moyashimon has captured the hearts of many as it not only educates people about microorganisms, it also made them laugh out loud. Josei anime Honey & Clover meanwhile took both the #3 and the #6 spots for its unforgettable and lovable characters, as well as its interesting story.

Noitamina anime block was originally launched with the intention of expanding the target audience beyond the typical young male demographic, and with titles like Honey & Clover as well as Nodame Cantabile, they were very successful. The programming block, which is aired every late Thursday night, has also been responsible for series like AnoHana, Psycho-Pass, Black Rock Shooter, Terror in Resonance, and Guilty Crown.

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Source: MyNavi Woman


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