After melting hearts and inducing some tears with its anime adaptation which ended last June 2014, a live-action stage play for Matcha Hazuki’s best-selling school life manga series, One Week Friends has just been announced thanks to a newly-opened teaser website.

owfsp 1

The website also announced that the stage play will be held over at the CBGK Shibugeki!! in Shibuya from November 14 – 24, 2014. No other information, such as the play’s cast, has been announced thus far.


The anime adaptation was considered one of the best from Spring 2014 as it follows Yuuki Hase, who befriends an amnesiac girl, Kaori Fujimiya, who will always forget her happy moments every Monday. Hase tries his best every week to make Kaori remember him and have fun with her as she is always lonely because of her condition.


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source: Comic Natalie


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