Pokemon has already become a staple for Nintendo 3DS, and with another monster based series like Monster Hunter also becoming a staple for the handheld console, many fans are speculating what might happen if these two were to be combined. One artist however sought to find out with his own artworks.


Deviant artist Arvalis has made some pretty nifty Pokemon which truly give you a very Monster Hunter feel. Check some of them out. Here’s Charizard and its two Mega Evolutions


He’s also done realistic impressions of them, here’s his impression of Lugia


There are others and they could pretty much pass for the creatures in Monster Hunter as well.

_arcanine__by_arvalis-d5oz5iy _feraligatr__by_arvalis-d6q14zh _flygon__by_arvalis-d63mpy6 _giratina__by_arvalis-d6y203m _groudon__by_arvalis-d5shgr0 _meganium__by_arvalis-d6wfo5g _nidoking__by_arvalis-d5e01yw aero 1

What do you guys think of these Pokemon? Do you prefer them or the original ones?

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Source: Arvalis via Kotaku


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