Japanese online shopping website Rakuten is venturing into prize lotteries, or Kujis as they are called in Japan, and they are starting off their new lottery games with one of this summer’s hottest anime, Free!


For 800 yen (tax and shipping still not included), people can play the game and win any of the following Free! merchandise, which are:

A Prize: face towel and standee set

a-1 a-2

B Prize: Reversible Cushion Set

b-1 b-2

C Prize: Acrylic Smartphone Stand

c-1 c-2 c-3 c-4 c-5

D Prize: Clear Poster Set

d-1 d-2 d-3 d-4 d-5

E Prize: Mini-pop Standees

e-1 e-2 e-3 e-4 e-5

W Chance Prize: Wall Scroll


This special limited-time lottery will only be available until supplies last and can be played online until September 19, 2014 via Rakuten’s special Kuji page

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Source: Rakuten


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