Just after the reveal that classic Shounen Jump! 90’s manga and anime series Hell Teacher Nube will be getting a live action TV series, NTV, which will be airing the show this October 2014, has unveiled a new visual featuring actor Ryuhei Maruyama in costume as Nube.

nube 1

Part of the costume is his “Demon’s Hand” which he uses to fight evil with. The hand is actually the result of a powerful demon sealed within his left hand, and he borrows his power from that very sealed demon.

Maruyama, who plays Nube, is a member of the Japanese boy band Kanjaji Eight and has appeared in many TV dramas and movies. He will be starring alongside Mirei Kiritani, who previously appeared in the live action Phoenix Wright movie back in 2012. She will be playing one of Nube’s two love interests, fellow teacher Ritsuko Takahashi.

Also part of the live action TV series is Hayami Mokomichi who plays Kyousuke Tamamo, Mizuki Yamamoto who plays Izuna Hazuki, and veteran actor Hideki Takahasi. The other cast members, such as the ones playing Nube’s other love interest, Yukime.


The live action series will adapt Takeshi Okano and Sho Makura’s popular manga, which got an equally popular 49-episode anime adaptation back in 1996. The series will follow Nube, an exorcist/ elementary school teacher who battles demons who are usually targeting the students in his school.

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Source: mantan and NTV official


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