During the 1st Yokohama Naval Review Rehearsal event where the Kantai Collection anime’s release date was revealed, several of the browser game’s voice actresses made an appearance which has surely delighted the fans.

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A few of them however took it a bit further as they not only wore Kantai Collection T-shirts, but also cosplayed their own characters.

Known for voicing loli characters like Date A Live’s Yoshino and Sora no Otoshimono’s Nymph, Iori Nomizu is also voicing four warship girls in Kantai Collection, and one of them is the aircraft carrier Shoukaku. Here she is cosplaying that very aircraft carrier in an image she herself posted via her personal twitter page.


Aya Suzaki may not voice the light cruiser Naka in the video game, but she did cosplay her. She even posted images of her cosplay through her personal blog. Suzaki voices the destroyer Hibiki and a few others in the game while Ayane Sakura voices Naka. Suzaki meanwhile is also known for voicing Kill la Kill’s lovable Mako Mankanshoku as well as Tamako Market’s titular character, Tamako.


Nao Touyama, who voices the battleship Kongou, also shows off herself cosplaying her own character. Touyama is also known for voicing Hataraku Maou-sama!’s Chiho as well as Nisekoi’s Chitoge Kirisaki.


While it may not be a full cosplay, Yuki Yamada, who voices the light cruiser Yahagi wears her character’s ponytail as well as her collar.


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Sources: 0takomu and Intention


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