During their AKB48G Summer Festival 2D Club event, several members of the super idol group SKE48 shocked the audience by appearing in cosplay, and not just any cosplay as they came dressed up like the members of the animated idol group, μ’s, from the hit series, Love Live!


This was a totally unexpected move on the part of the idol group as fans actually did not see it coming. Many were surprised when several Love Live! songs started playing and the SKE48 members appeared on stage as μ’s. AKB48 team 4 member Yuria Kizaki, who cosplayed Nico Yazawa led the other members in doing the Nico-Nico-Niiiiiii backstage. She then posted this image via her official twitter page. Nico-Nico-Niiiiiii!


SKE48 member Airi Furukawa meanwhile posted this image of herself cosplaying Hanayo Koizumi.


The idols performed two popular Love Live! hits, Bokura Wa Ima no Naka de and Wonderful Rush. SKE48 veteran Mai Takeuchi, who cosplayed Kotori Minami, said that she had lots of fun doing μ’s wonderful songs.


Rika Tsuzuki, who cosplayed μ’s leader Honoka, meanwhile posted this image of the idols getting ready for the concert.


SKE48 producer Etsuro Imamura meanwhile posted several images of the event via his Google+ page. The images show that the girls and the fans clearly enjoyed themselves because of the Love Live! surprise.

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SKE48 Kanyuusei Natsuki Kamata was the one who cosplayed Eli while SKE48 Team E member Mei Sakai was the one who dressed up as Rin.

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Source: Etsuro Imamura Google+ page and Mai Takeuchi Google+ page


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