Members of AKB48 have been making the primetime TV circuit after the recent attack at a handshaking event. On Sunday they were the guests of Quiz 30, and proved that they aren’t so great at trivia.

Quiz 30, for those who aren’t familiar, places thirty guests on one team with the aim of reaching a final prize. Usually that prize is money for charity, but for the AKB48 special they were playing for a super special public relations prize. If they managed to pass all four stages and answer a final question, then the thirty members receive the grand prize of appearing on Shibuya Vision around the Shibuya scramble. But wait, just how hard are these questions they had to answer?



Oh. Well let’s see if you can’t guess the answer to this question before the AKB idols do. What band is this?


Still stuck? Here’s an hint as to who it isn’t.



The answer is below, and if you got it in fifteen seconds or less, then you did better than the girls who took almost twice as long.


Maybe Japanese bands from the nineties is a little too hard. But how are your math skills? The question was “listen closely, how many times does ‘mo’ appear in “sumomomo momomo momono uchi.”


Have you figured it out yet? This is your last chance to count those mo’s.


Don’t get distracted by Mayuyu! There are in fact eight mo’s in that sentence. And if you guessed eight, then congratulations! That was the easy question.


How about how many years are between the first year of elementary school and the last year of college?


16 years is the correct answer, but unfortunately the members that were wearing a number even close to it had no idea what the answer was, and so…they didn’t answer at all.



Don’t worry if you’re starting to wonder if all idols aren’t so great in the trivia department. AKB had an ace in Mayuyu who managed to finish off the final question of the quiz and get them that prize. She was so happy she almost wanted to cry.


Do you think you could ace all the answers on a TV quiz show AND be an idol?



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