Following their Cardcaptor Sakura themed bags, SuperGroupies has announced their latest collaboration, this time with Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000%.

Fans of the Uta no Prince-sama series may still be waiting for the next season of the anime and the next game release, but there has been plenty of merchandise to keep their wallets busy. In their latest collaboration SuperGroupies is presenting some super bags that take inspiration from STARISH.


The bags include a shoulder bag, tote bag, and a clutch. The shoulder bag not only sports STARISH’s colors on the side, but it’s also reversible for when you want to be a little more subtle about your favorite show.


Of course even reversed it features the prince’s logo, a crown, on the main cover. This particular bag is going to cost you 6800 yen if you order it.


The tote bag is also reversible and can fit anything A4 sized or smaller, so you could use it to carry around your clearfile collection of the princes if you wanted to. It’ll cost you 7800 yen to carry all that love around though.

totebag totereversed

The clutch is unfortunately is not reversible, but you’ll be greeted by the colors representing STARISH anytime you open it.  It’s still going to damage you’re wallet at 3800 yen, but not nearly as badly as the others.

pouchbag utapriclitchin

Because there are seven princes to choose from no single charm is included with a bag, instead you can choose your favorite when you place an order.


Hopefully the next collaboration features Quartet Night for all the fans of the series’s sempai.

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Source: Animate TV


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