Everybody’s favorite GunPla-addicted alien invader, Sgt. Frog, is teaming up with Priroll for some very special printed cake rolls which can even be customized to your preferences.


You can choose one of three options when ordering these cakes. The first option would be ordering a normal Sgt. Frog cake, while the second option allows you to add a special message. The third option however allows you to not only feature a special message on the cake, but also have an image printed along with Keroro and the rest of his invading crew.

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The normal cake roll costs 2,057 yen, the cake roll with a special message costs 3,600 yen, while the cake roll which comes with the message and picture costs 4,629 yen. They can now be ordered online via Priroll’s official website. Also available are some Attack on Titan cakes and Evangelion cakes

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Source: Priroll


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