With the doujinshi and otaku extravaganza known as Comic Market 86 or Comiket 86 just a few days away, several renowned artists and animators have announced they will be participating in the event and will be selling several books featuring their artworks.

Love Live! animator Kujiraishi tweeted that he will be a guest artist over at the Zaregoto booth. Kujiraishi will be drawing the lovely Umi Sonoda for the book.


Meanwhile, here’s the cover for Zaregoto’s Comiket 86 book and it also features Umi.


Koukodou P, a renowned Love Live! artist meanwhile will be releasing another book for the event. His book’s cover shows all nine μ’s members.


Saki also has plenty of artbooks coming up during Comiket 86, this one from Saki merchandise distributor Sagimori Lanes. Renowned Saki-dedicated circle Quinted also makes its own Saki book.

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With his success as an animator, character designer, and artist for the Yuri anime Riddle Story of Devil, Sunao Minakata will be releasing his own Comiket 86 booth based on the series. It seems as if Minakata is continuing on with Riddle Story of Devil’s seriously yuri theme as he presents a preview of his work.


Girls und Panzer producer Shunpei Maruyama will also be participating in the event and he has already tweeted a preview of his work which will go on sale during the event. And just in case you are asking what series its from, it’s from Girls und Panzer.


Other illustrations have also been previewed for Summer Comiket

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