Mobile game app Angry Birds has become one of the most successful gaming apps in history, and in Japan, the game surprises a lot of people by getting itself its very own manga adaptation based on the new Angry Birds Stella game which comes out later this month.

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Titled Stella ~Nana to Mahō no Eitango~, the manga follows a Japanese school girl (what else?) named Nana who must learn English in order to save a school after she transfers overseas from Japan. And who’s helping her learn the language? The (not so) Angry Bird, Stella and her friends. I wonder how the pigs will play into this manga?


The manga is written by Hiyoko Hatano and supervised by Tatsuya Kimura, who is behind many English-learning books in Japan. The manga is actually an educational series and is serialized in the Shoujo magazine Nakayoshi. This will be the first manga based on the best-selling game app.

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Source: Nakayosi official


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