In Japan, mascot characters are very popular, with characters like Kumamon and Funassyi being two of the most well-known ones. One character in particular, Kumamon, became popular because of Yuru Chara Mascot Grand Prix, and this year, several anime mascots will be joining the prestigious mascot contest.

After making his debut last year, The Colossal Titan is back in this year’s edition and he is representing both Tokyo and Attack on Titan. Nicknamed “Titan-kun”, his profile says he wants to appeal to women and children and not be seen as a monster, which he plays in his home series.

00001175 Colossal_Titan_anime

After catching the hearts of many fans with her antics in Summer 2014 anime Loco-Dol, Uogokuro-kun is joining the real contest after participating in it in the anime.

00002402 futsuu-no-joshikousei-ga-locodol-yattemita-nanako-usami-yukari-kohinata-uogokuro-kun-01

The cute moe android, Miss Monochrome is also doing her best in the contest and is surely facing some tough competition from the other mascots.

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Finally, from the upcoming Fall 2014 anime, Amagi Brilliant Park, comes Mofu, who is a “Fairy of Sweets” but also likes other food and drinks. He looks like Bonta-Kun (minus the cross-shaped scar) who was the mascot of Amagi Brilliant Park author Shoji Gatoh’s most well known work, Full Metal Panic.

00002450 1506-bonta_11

Just like the Saimoe Tournament determines the best moe character of the year, the Yuru Chara Grand Prix determines the best mascot through public voting.

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Source: Yuru GP official


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