Hajime Isayama shot to worldwide fame last year when the anime adaptation of his manga, Attack on Titan, became an instant hit. The world-famous mangaka (manga author) recently sat down with Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which serializes his bestselling manga, for a little Q & A session.


Bessatsu Shounen Magazine asked several hard-hitting questions to Isayama, and he gladly answered them. Here are our translations for the interview:

Bessatsu Shounen: What are the female titan’s three measurements?

Isayama: Bust: 860 Waist: 660 Hip: 860

Well, those are some pretty enormous numbers, but then again, this is the Female Titan we are talking about.

Bessatsu Shounen: Does Armin even think about cutting his hair for it to be shorter?

Isayama: He hasn’t changed his hair style for as long as I can remember

Of the three main characters, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, it’s only Mikasa who has ever decided to cut her hair. It seems like Armin, who has been supporting that same hairdo since childhood will be keeping it for quite some time.

Bessatsu Shounen: What does Eren prefer? Eating sweets or drinking?

Isayama: Sweets

Bessatsu Shounen: What to Bertholt and Reiner do to relieve stress?

Isayama: Push-ups

Well, there you have it, strait from the horse’s mouth. Hopefully, Isayama will be revealing more information about his series such as what are the titans really?

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