With the premiere of the second season of Psycho-Pass just a few days away, Bandai has announced that the 1:1 scale Dominator from their Proplica line will be released January 2015 and it will feature several gimmicks to simulate the ones featured in the anime… you won’t be able to affect anyone with high crime coefficients though.


One of its gimmicks include LED lights which change color from blue to red, depending on the user. When you turn it on, it will feature a blue light, but when somebody who is not its registered user, it will turn red and “not shoot”.


The Proplica Dominator also features the voice of Noriko Hidaka, best known for voicing Akane Tendou from Ranma 1/2. Hidaka also voiced the Dominator’s AI system and its Proplica version will be saying some lines with her voice.

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Here are some of the lines which you will be expecting:

These can be used for cosplay or just be an excellent addition to your collection. It costs 21,600 yen and will be released on January 2015, just in time for the Japanese release of the Psycho-Pass anime movie which will premiere on January 9, 2015 in selected Japanese theaters.

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Source: animeanime.jp


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