With the premiere of Gundam Build Fighters Try already nearing, Bandai has announced three new additions for their 1/144 HGBF line, and these three Gunplas will also be featured in the anime.

The new plastic models include the Gundam EZ-8 Kai (name tentative) which is a customized Gundam EX-8 from The 08th MS Team. Also included in the three new GunPla is the EZ-8 Kai’s Build Custom part.

4135 ez8

Also teased is a new variation to the Beargguy III which many fans are looking forward to. All three upcoming GunPlas are scheduled for release on November 2014 with the EZ-8 Kai costing 1,944 yen, the EZ-8 Kai Build Custom Part costing 648 yen and the Beargguy III variant costing 1,944 yen.

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Source: Yaraon!, Image via Hobby Times


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