With the upcoming mixed media Cardfight Vanguard movie already making its much awaited premiere this September 13, 2014, Bushiroad has announced that they will be giving away a special limited edition card as well as revealing a few other promotional merchandise.


The promo card is revealed to be the “Harmonics Messiah” and it will be given away in “limited quantities” along with several Cardfight! Vanguard movie postcards. The postcards come in six different types, one of which features Japanese singer-actor Daigo who plays the main character of the movie’s live action portion. The first batch will ne given away from September 13 while the second batch will be given away from September 27, 2014.

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The Harmonics Messiah was given away to the winner of the Messiah Scramble tournament within the movie. It is a powerful card which can “save the world from destruction”.

The movie’s live action half will be called Mitsu no Game and it will not only star Daigo but also Suzuko Mimori, Taizou Shiina and Takuma Sueno. It’s anime half, Neon Messiah, will have Aichi and Kai team-up to take on a powerful new foe.

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