Anime is filled with plenty of beloved female characters who are known to be kitchen goddesses and can whip up meals worthy of 3-star Michelin-ranked restaurants and thus making them 100% waifu materials.

Japanese anime character database Charapedia takes a good look at these female anime cooks and asks its readers which of these lovely cooks would they like to cook for them. They have gathered 10,000 votes, 65.1% of them are female while only 34.9% are male, which is very surprising as this ranking involves only female cooks and usually, it is males who vote. Here are the top 10 female anime characters whose cooking people want to eat the most:

10) Marika Tachibana (Nisekoi)


9) Hayate Yagami (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)


8) Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)


7) Nico Yazawa (Love Live!)


6) Mikan Yuuki (To Love-ru)


5) Kobeni Yonomori (Engaged to the Unidentified)


4) Yukino Yukinoshita (Oregairu)


3) Haruka Minami (Minami-ke)


2) Ui Hirasawa (K-On!)


1) Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)


Dubbed by many as “The Perfect Waifu”, Asuna has monstrous stats when it comes to cooking, in fact, she even maxed it out. Her sandwiches are legendary and many believe is the reason why Kirito loves her so much, not because she is Asuna, but because her sandwiched are out of this world. No wonder is is “The Perfect Waifu” for many. Her Ragout Rabbit Stew was described as “Heavenly” and her sandwiches have even been dubbed as the Japanese version of the Krabby Patty from Spongebob, both of which have made a lot of people curious about their tastes


Two other legendary anime cooks take second place and third place respectively with Ui Hirasawa cooking meals for her older sister, Yui, while Haruka Minami cooks for her younger sisters. Both are motherly and their dishes are known to be delicious.

When you watch the first episode of Oregairu aka My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU, one might think that Yukino Yukinoshita is bad when it comes to the gastronomic arts, but like the series, you are wrong as it seems. The light novels have revealed that because she lives alone, she cooks for herself and reveals that like the other three mentioned, she is a kitchen goddess herself… she just needs to fix that attitude problem of hers and she’s all good.

Another candidate for the “Perfect Anime Waifu” makes it to #5 with Engaged to the Unidentified’s Kobeni whose cooking has won over not only her family, but her soon-to-be in-laws as well.

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Source: Charapedia


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