Live action adaptations of anime, light novels and mangas are often either a hit or a miss with some movies getting much critical and box office accolades like the Rurouni Kenshin movies while some were absolute disasters like the recent Lupin III live action movie starring Shun Oguri.

Japanese anime character database Charapedia has recently asked has once again polled its readers and this time, they have ranked the Top 20 anime fans want to see a live action version of. With a total of 10,000 votes, 52.4% of whom were male while 47.6 were female. Here are the results:

20) A Certain series (Index, Index New Testament, Railgun, Accelerator)

19) Minami-ke

18) Natsume’s Book of Friends

17) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

16) Love Live!

15) Tokyo Ghoul

14) Mobile Suit Gundam

13) Barakamon

12) Haikyuu!!

11) Mekaku City Actors/ Kagerou Daze

10) Psycho-Pass


9) Durarara!!


8) K-On!


7) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


6) One Piece

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5) Kuroko’s Basketball


4) Sword Art Online


3) Clannad


2) My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU/ Oregairu


1) Gintama


Taking the top spot is Gintama which may or may not have won because of the recent success of fellow Shounen Jump! samurai series Rurouni Kenshin. Though very different from Kenshin, Gintama does share a few similarities. The anime is also funny as hell and people might want to see Gintoki do a parody Kenshin as well as other anime and movie series.

#2 ranked Oregairu meanwhile would look good as a live action given the right actor and the right director to truly bring out main character Hachiman Hikigaya’s rather jaded and quotable monologues to life. #3 ranked Clannad on the other hand would be best as a drama instead of a movie to truly build the series up and show the aches and pains of the anime’s ending.

Popular anime Sword Art Online would require a whole lot of special effects to be pulled off, especially with the monsters. #5 Kuroko’s Basketball meanwhile should do away with some of the unbelievable aspects of their basketball games and focus on a more realistic and believable basketball scenes.

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Source: Charapedia


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