P.A. Works’ summer romance anime, Glasslip, has certainly captured the hearts of many fans with its romantic love story as well as P.A. Works’ beautiful animation. The anime is currently collaborating with one of Japan’s most famous maid cafes, Cure Maid, for a special menu featuring the anime’s lovable cast.


The items included in the Glasslip Drink menu are inspired by each of the anime’s characters. Each drink costs 450 yen + tax

Touko Fukami (soda with white grape jelly and mizore)


Yanagi Takayama (Grenadine and Ginger ale mix)


Sachi Nagamiya (mizore and blueberry juice)


Kakeru Okikura (Calpis Soda with Blue Hawaii and lined with white sugar)


Hiro Shirosaki (Orange juice and soda mix, glass is served with Hiro’s white rubber band)


Yukinari Imi (Green Mint soda with Blue Hawaii)


Cure Maid will also be serving a special “Otome Sparkling Iced Tea” featuring Touko and it also costs 450 yen per bottle


There will also be some food and desserts served which are also inspired by the anime.

Chicken Burger Rice with cheese (1,100 yen)


Yakisoba of Friendship: 700 yen


“Oyako o Tsumami” or “Parent and Child” (Fried chicken served with boiled egg and tamagoyaki): 500 yen


Glassworks Jelly – 700 yen


Love Love Chicken cakes – 500 yen


The collaboration will begin on September 19, 2014 and Cure Maid Cafe will only be serving these menu items until September 28, 2014.

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