If you can’t afford and itasha but have always wanted a car featuring you’re favorite anime character, you may be in luck as Daihatsu is offering a special edition of their Cocoa car starring Snow Miku.

Daihatsu and Snow Miku are teaming up as part of Daihatsu’s national campaign pushing Cocoa as cute. For Hokkaido their theme is Love Local Hokkaido and they wanted a cute character from the region to help promote the car. They finally settled on Snow Miku and the results are certainly cute.

mikucar rearlatchmiku

Snow Miku is not only next to the car’s logo on the rear hatch, but you can find her marking the gas tank as well.


The inside of the car has also been decked out in a Snow Miku theme, from the steering wheel covers…


To the seats, they all feature a Snow Miku theme to keep fans comfortable on their drives.


Unfortunately the Snow Miku themed Cocoa is only available in Hokkaido, but there are fans that will probably find some way to get Snow Miku home to the main island of Honshu.

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Source: Hatsune Miku Official Blog


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