Considered one of Harajuku‘s most prominent stores, the Evangelion Store will be moving to a new home this October and it will be settling in Ikebukuro, one of Japan’s most prominent pop culture centers.


The new location will be over at the second floor of the P’Parrco building which is just a one minute walk from the south east exit of Ikebukuro station. The store will once again sell a wide range of Evangelion-themed merchandise from T-shirts and bags to watches and figures starting October 3, 2014.


For the first three days of re-opening, the Evangelion Store will be handing out these Radio Eva tote bags for each single purchase.


Other new items will also be sold to celebrate the re-opening.

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The Evangelion Store will truly be at home in Ikebukuro as it is also home to several iconic anime landmarks such as the Shounen Jump! indoor themepark, J-World, and the capital of the fujoshis, Otome Road. It is also home to the main store of Animate as well as being the “Holy Land” for the fans of Durarara!

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