Japanese superstar Shoko Nakagawa is in more hot water with her fellow Free! fans as she is accused of buying a fake Iwatobi jersey which is of course featured in the swimming anime, Free! in which Shoko-tan is admittedly a huge fan of.


Plenty of Free! fans have noticed the difference of her jersey to the official licensed jersey which is made by Cospa. Fans pointed out the many differences between the two with many saying that the official version is more accurate and looks like it was made with better quality materials. Not only that, the Iwatobi name printed at the back are quite different from each other. In the image below, Shoko-tan’s allegedly fake jacket is on the left while the original cospa version is on the right side of the image:


The official Cospa version costs 23,760 yen, however, the jacket Shoko-tan bought seems to be made by a local costume maker and reportedly only costs a little over 3,000 yen.


This will be the second time Shoko Nakagawa has been in hot water with her fellow Free! fans as she was previously reprimanded by some of them for mixing up the names of two characters, Rei with Rin, which was more of an honest slip-up on her part. However, despite all that, she remains to be a huge fan of the series and its fABulous characters. She even showed everyone her own room which was littered with Free! merchandise. Her fellow fans were amazed with her room, however, they seem to only take offence with her jersey. Well, if it’s one thing Free! fans are known for, they take merchandise very seriously

Since she has revealed that she is a Free! fan, maybe she will also do a Free! cosplay, just like what she did with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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Sources: Yaraon! and Shoko nakagawa twitter page


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