ufotable’s anime adaptation of Type Moon’s Fate/ Stay Night (2014) may be one of the most highly anticipated anime series this Autumn 2014, not only in Japan, but also the entire world. The anime has generated so much hype that it will be streamed in several countries around the world.


The anime will be streamed at the same day as it airs from Japan in the United States, German-speaking countries, French-speaking countries, and South Korea. For the United States and several English-speaking countries and territories, Hulu and Crunchyroll will be streaming Fate/Stay Night just hours after it airs in Japan. Wakanim will be distributing it in several French-speaking countries while Peppermint TV will be the ones responsible for German-speaking countries. Finally, Aniplus will be distributing it in South Korea.


The anime most certainly has a global appeal and it has been announced that it will have a worldwide event known as -Holy Grail’s Call- and it will be held in five different countries. The event will be held in the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Tokushima while in the US, it will be held in Los Angeles, California. It will also be held in Paris, France, Nuremberg, Germany, and Seoul, South Korea.

The anime will follow the Unlimited Blade Works route which focuses on Rin Tohsaka. An anime movie for Heaven’s Feel is also in the works.

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Source: animeanime.jp


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