The 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia has showcased some of the latest vehicles from the biggest names in the auto industry. However, the show also welcomed a very surprising display from BM1 which showed some car-themed GunPla and many of its visitors did not even expect to see Gundams and other mobile suits during the event.


Indonesia-based petrolium company, BM1 Oil, which is also known for their lubricant products, conducted a GunPla customization contest during the car show with the theme being BM1. Plenty of the GunPlas featured during the event did indeed have a BM1 theme as many of them sported the oil company’s signature blue and yellow colors. BM1’s logo must also be placed in their custom GunPla works.


But why GunPla? This is because GunPla has now become a major hobby in Indonesia and that is why BM1 chose to hold the contest during the car show to also introduce it to other people.

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Pretty impressive builds, right? The contest is also approved by Bandai as GunPla master Katsumi Kawaguchi himself gave his blessing for this contest. The winner is determined by the events’ visitors who will vote on which build was the best.

The 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show 2014 kicked off last September 18, 2014 and will be holding its final day today, September 28, 2014. It is held at the Jakarta International Convention Center and features big names like Jeep, Audi, Toyota, Renault, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Dodge, Fiat, and more.

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