During the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stream of the Sugamo Cup, Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has made several important announcements regarding the highly anticipated Tekken 7.

Katsuhiro-Harada (1)

Harada said that the new Tekken game will be the very first arcade game to feature online matchmaking. This falls in line with a previous announcement he made in which he said that he would like to make it easier for players with similar skills to play against one another in arcades.

Harada also stated that people will be able to try out the arcade game from October 3 – 5, 2014, before its official release. He said that Tekken 7 will be having two test locations, which are the Namco arcades in Sugamo, Tokyo and Nipponbashi, Osaka. The game’s online matchmaking feature will be put to the test during those dates.


As a reminder, these are just tests for the game as Tekken 7 is still not yet finished. During the stream, Harada said

As we’re still working on the game, the location test build of Tekken 7 will be running with about 50% of the graphical effects intended for the final release of the game. We’d like for everyone to try out the new systems, try out the characters, and let us know what they think. With Tekken 7, what we want to do is create it with everyone. Then when the game is out, please enjoy playing the game with 100% of the game’s graphical prowess fully activated, by taking advantage of Unreal Engine 4.

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