Live-action adaptations of Weekly Shounen Jump! mangas from its fabled “Golden Age” have become all the rage as of late as Rurouni Kenshin movies are currently dominating the Japanese box office and Hell Teacher Nube’s live-action drama is already set to air this October 2014. The Golden Age refers to the period between the 1980’s – 1990’s where the manga magazine experienced its greatest success with titles like Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Slam Dunk, and Rurouni Kenshin.

Japanese media website R25 Web – Yahoo! has taken a look at which of the Jump Golden Age’s mangas are the hardest to adapt into live action. They asked about 200 people in their 20’s (who were Jump!’s target audience at that time) and here are the results:

11/ 10/ 9)  High School Kimengumi (2.0% of the votes)


11/ 10/ 9) Magical ☆ Taluluuto-kun (2.0% of the votes)


11/ 10/ 9) Jungle King Tar-chan (2.0% of the votes)

Jungle King Tar-chan-01

8) Saint Seiya (2.5%)


7) Slam Dunk (5.0%)


5/ 6) Yu Yu Hakusho (7.0%)


5/ 6) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (7.0%)


4) Captain Tsubasa (8.5%)


3) Fist of the North Star (9.0%)


2) Kinnikuman (19.0%)


1) Dragon Ball (19.5%)


After the epic Hollywood failure known as Dragon Ball Evolution, it isn’t very surprising that Dragon Ball tops this list, because come on, that movie was just horrible. Not only that, Dragon ball fans are quite tricky to impress and would surely scrutinize any film down to its most minute details.

Kinnikuman is just as hard to pull off, as the classic wrestling anime by Yudetamago has featured some pretty hard wrestling moves which seem to defy the very laws of physics. The series comes in at a very close second with only a 0.5% vote differential.

Coming in third is another movie which suffered from a bad live action adaptation, Fist of the North Star, whose fight scenes may be very difficult to pull off in live action.

What do you think of the list?

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Source: Yahoo! R25 Web


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