The official twitter page of the popular Science Fiction/ Fantasy anime series, The Irregular at Magic High School, has reached 40,800 followers to date and to celebrate, that very twitter page has announced that new celebratory illustrations have just been released.

mahouka 1

The twitter announcement has said that the anime’s official website has released some very special illustrations which feature some of the anime’s characters giving out messages and thanking the fans and their 40,800 twitter followers.

mahouka_msg01 mahouka_msg02 mahouka_msg03 mahouka_msg04 mahouka_msg05 mahouka_msg06 mahouka_msg07 mahouka_msg08 mahouka_msg09 mahouka_msg10 mahouka_msg11 mahouka_msg12 mahouka_msg13 mahouka_msg14 mahouka_msg15 mahouka_msg16 mahouka_msg17

That’s certainly a lot of Tatsuyas. The guy dubbed as “The Next Kirito” and the series most “Over-powered character” has proven that he is indeed the series most popular characters, but let’s just hope the fans don’t make Miyuki jealous, she is quite attached to her beloved Onii-sama.

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Source: Mahouka Official and @mahouka_anime


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