Japan’s Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, or CESA, as well as the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, have announced the winners of the annual Japan Game Awards 2014 during the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2014.


The most prestigious award, which is the Grand Award, had two winners this year with Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 and Level 5’s Youkai Watch both taking the honor as the co-winners. Both games are available for the Nintendo 3DS.


Youkai Watch, which has taken Japan by storm in terms of popularity, also won this year’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award as the series proved very successful, especially among the younger demographic. Youkai Watch’s popularity has now been considered as a direct rival for another game series popular for the younger demographic, Pokemon.


Like the Grand Award, there were also two winners for the Global Award. The Japanese winner are the Pokemon X and Y games while the foreign winner is Grand Theft Auto V

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Pokemon X and Y also won the Best Sales Award as it sold over 1,226,000 units worldwide.

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Gamefreak’s Solitiba meanwhile won the Special Excellence award.


The Game Designer’s Award went to Starbreeze Studios’ Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.


Finally, a total of eleven (11) winners were awarded the Excellence Award, and they are DMM’s Kantai Collection, The Last of Us, Youkai Watch, Final Fantasy XIV, Monster Hunter 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Pokemon XY, Super Mario World 3D, Puzzle & Dragons, Dark Souls II, and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

The Japan Game Awards 2014  was launched in 1996 as the CESA Awards and it was created to promote the growth of the Japanese video game industry.

What do you think of the winners? Do you think all of them deserve their awards? Youkai Watch is certainly a surprise for many outside of Japan, however, the game really is that much popular in its own country. And during the awards, Pokemon XY and Monster Hunter 4 have shown that their franchises are still as strong as ever.

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Source: Dengeki Online


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