The All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2014 has finally kicked off over at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Tokyo and the biggest names in the hobby industry have gathered in one of Japan’s most important hobby conventions. One of those big names is Bandai which showcased its upcoming GunPla models.


One of the biggest announcements during the event is the unveiling of a new Perfect Grade GunPla because after Four whole years of waiting, Bandai will finally be releasing a new 1/60 scale Perfect Grade GunPla, and it’s none other than the Unicorn Gundam from Gundam UC. This 1/60 scale PlaMo will be released December 2014, four years after the release of the last Perfect Grade GunPla, which is the Strike Freedom from Gundam SEED Destiny. It boasts an awe-inspiring gimmick of a light-up psycho-frame using LED lights, this means, when in Destroy Mode, its entire body will be glowing.

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Bandai also displayed their latest 1/144 Real Grade (RG) model, which is the Wing Gundam Zero EW from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Bandai is also hinting that might also be releasing RG versions of the other Operation Meteor mobile suits, and like their MG versions, they will also be sharing the same inner frame.

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With Gundam Build Fighters Try making its much-awaited premiere next month, Bandai also showcased the series with their latest 1/144 HGBF kits as well as their SD kits, and these include the mobile suits which were just announced to appear in the anime.

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Another new series premiering this October is Gundam Reconguista in G or G-Reco for short and its 1/144 HG kits were also on display

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The cute GunPla from their Legend BB series showcased several upcoming SD GunPla

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Other upcoming GunPla from their other series such as HGUC and MG were also displayed. Bandai also announced the upcoming Gundam MK-III for their new Re/100 PlaMo line.

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But Bandai ain’t just about GunPla as they displayed their SH FiguArts lines, including the very first member of their Love Live! SH FiguArts line, Honoka. Also displayed are some figures from their Chogokin series, SH MonsterArts, Candy Toys, Armor Girls Project, and many more.

DSC05524 DSC05525 DSC05529 DSC05530 DSC05531 DSC05533 DSC05535 DSC05538 DSC05540 DSC05548 DSC05556 165419_954910897858157_4249142938062334646_n 10256222_954911051191475_6684356787923795672_n 10409338_954911124524801_1858189234063744176_n 10449498_954910961191484_4245045633238263221_n 10491249_954910907858156_8005749468575106101_n 10629776_954911094524804_6659419779870630304_n 10639608_954911091191471_2508078165860853211_n 10641232_954910994524814_8830011629565401275_n 10647009_954911054524808_1132929466907980821_n 10665086_954911081191472_1851889335899807210_n 10702081_954910964524817_1847306067086944146_n

I feel a painful sensation in my wallet right now…

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