All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2014 has already kicked off from the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba and after taking a look at Bandai’s event announcements, including a new RG and a new PG GunPla, we now take a look at the other companies which have displayed their latest upcoming figures and plastic models.

Let’s kick things off with Kotobukiya which showcased a newly-painted version of its articulated Titan Eren figure from Attack on Titan as well as a new PlaMo from Nobunaga the Fool and its new Star Wars ArtFX+ figures of Luke and Leia. New Cu-Poches were also unveiled as well as many other wallet-busting goodies.

10703849_954911427858104_7198402361829727883_n 1655972_954911481191432_6445880990468328445_n 10298788_954911467858100_2906768335812966980_n MG_2688

10464282_954911541191426_5323937401362300938_n 10501893_954911447858102_3949528530035970601_n 10639608_954911557858091_7731774421579041938_n 10665107_954911501191430_2180745622647726999_n MG_2687 MG_2692 MG_2696 MG_2700 MG_2710 MG_2715 MG_2720 MG_2723 MG_2729 MG_2731

Good Smile Company and Max Factory meanwhile showed that they are much more than Nendoroids and figmas as they introduced a new PlaMo line, along with their usual scale figures, Nendos and figmas. Their figma Panzer IV from Girls und Panzer for their new figma vehicles line also grabbed a lot of attention.

DSC_1653-440x293 DSC_1656-440x660 DSC_1657-440x660 DSC_1658-440x660 DSC_1660-440x660 DSC_1662-440x660 DSC_1664-440x314

DSC_1671-440x660 DSC_1676-440x660 DSC_1678-440x660

DSC_1681-440x660 DSC_1668 DSC_1690-440x660

DSC_1685-440x660 DSC_1687-440x660  DSC_1692-440x293 DSC_1695-440x660 DSC_1698-440x660 DSC_1700_a-440x660 DSC_1702-440x660 DSC_1705-440x660 DSC_1707-440x660 DSC_1710-440x660 DSC_1712-440x293 DSC_1715-440x293

Megahouse on the other hand also displayed some great figures and PlaMo kits, which are highlighted by their Gundam Girls from Gundam Build Fighters and their Excellent Model Elpeo Puru from Gundam ZZ. I know what some of you are thinking, and right now, Rinko Iori just made a critical hit on your wallets.

mghaus1 mghaus2 mghaus3 mghaus4

mghaus5 mghaus6 mghaus7 mghaus8 mghaus9 mghaus10 mghaus11

Meanwhile, over at Wave… yes, those are mechas. They are definitely more than just Beach Queens huh? Speaking of Wave’s lovely swimsuit-clad ladies, they just announced new Beach Queens from yuri anime Sakura Trick, as well as Girls und Panzer and Nanoha. They also displayed some cool styling tools for kit-bashing and customizations, as well as for garage kit making.

015 032 DSC_1573 DSC_1575 DSC_1578 DSC_1589


 DSC_1591-440x660 DSC_1593-440x660 DSC_1596-440x660

DSC_1599-440x660 DSC_1601-440x660 DSC_1603-440x660 DSC_1606-440x660 DSC_1608-440x660 DSC_1610-440x660 DSC_1612-440x660

DSC_1616-440x660 DSC_1622-440x293 DSC_1625-440x293 DSC_1630-440x293 DSC_1632-440x293 DSC_1635-440x660 DSC_1638-440x293 DSC_1642-440x293 DSC_1645-440x293 DSC_1647-440x293

Finally, we take a look at PlaMo giants Hasegawa and Tamiya, as well as Sankei. Hasegawa showed plenty of their awesome military models, as well as some mechas while Tamiya showcased their ever-popular Let’s Go! mini 4WD models as well as their own military models. Sankei meanwhile showed their cute miniature Studio Ghibli models.

rty1 rty2 rty3 rty4 rty5 rty6 rty7 rty8 rty9 rty10 rty11 rty12 rty13 rty14 rty15 rty17 DSCF3279-440x293 DSCF3283-440x293 DSCF3285-440x293 DSCF3287-440x293 DSCF3288-440x293 DSCF3292-440x293 DSCF3294-440x293 DSCF3300-440x293 DSCF3302-440x293 DSCF3304-440x293 DSCF3308-440x293 DSCF3311-440x293 DSCF3315-440x293 DSCF3318-440x293 DSCF3319-440x293 DSCF3321-440x293 DSCF3327-1-440x293 DSCF3329-440x293 DSCF3332-440x293 DSCF3334-440x293 DSCF3336-440x293 DSCF3338-440x293 DSCF3339-440x293 DSC01980-440x292 DSC01981-440x292 DSC01984-440x662 DSC01999-440x292 DSC02001-440x292 DSC02004-440x292 DSC02030-440x292 DSC02032-440x292 DSC02035-440x292 DSC02038-440x292

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to administer first aid and CPR to my wallet right now.

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Sources: Amiami Blog and Dengeki Hobby


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