It is no secret that actress, singer, voice actress, cosplayer, and Japanese entertainment superstar Shoko Nakagawa is a huge anime fan girl. She is one of the biggest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans out there, and as it turns out, she is also a fan of swimming anime, Free!


She recently showed everyone her Free! merchandise and was basically letting out her inner fangirl along with her cat, Chocolat on top of her Free! bed and pillows.

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However, she got into a bit of a slip-up when she tweeted that her cat is sleeping on top of Rin Matsuoka, but what she really meant was that her cat was sleeping with Rei Ryuugazaki. Her cat, who was laying on top of Rei really looked comfortable on top of the Butterfly stroke specialist with Rin by its side. However, this honest mistake got some fans to react.

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Fans quickly corrected her saying that its Rei her cat is on top of and not Rin. However, some fans also just commented that her cat, Chocolat, may just be one of the luckiest felines on Earth as it got to sleep on THE Shoko Nakagawa’s bed which has a Free! theme. Others meanwhile said that they are just surprised that the famous “Shoko-tan” is also a Free! fangirl and did not mind her mistake.

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Source: Yaraon! and Shoko nakagawa twitter page


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