When it comes to fried chicken, KFC is usually the very first fast food chain to come to mind, and KFC Japan is taking their chicken craze to a whole new level as they are giving away prizes which are themed with, you guessed it, fried chicken.

KFC is giving away prizes to people who follow the fast food giant in twitter, and sadly, for three of the prizes, only one lucky winner will be able to get them.

One of the prizes is this one of a kind KFC keyboard (pictured above) which as Col. Sanders points out, looks like it is quite hard to use.

KFC is also giving away a mouse which looks like a fried chicken wing. I wonder if it’s also made with KFC’s 16 secret herbs and spices?


A drumstick USB stick will also be given away. Just asking, does this look finger-licking good?


Finally, 47 people will be able to win these fried chicken earrings which really seem like they need to come with gravy… lot’s of gravy.


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Source: KFC Japan


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