You may remember KFC Japan‘s weird fried chicken keyboard, mouse, USB stick and earrings. Well, they have upped the ante as they have now introduced two new items which may be considered even weirder.

Like their previous giveaway, only one of each item will be given away to one lucky winner via a raffle. To enter, one must simply follow KFC Japan’s official twitter page and promote the hashtag #KFCカーナルズデー” which means Colonel’s day.

The KFC iPhone 5 holder will certainly help you hold your smartphone a lot better, however, this thing is huge. Let’s just say that KFC may have used more than 16 herbs and spices with this one.


And then there’s the Fried Chicken pillow which you can insert your own hands inside to make yourself more comfortable I guess(?!).


Fans in Japan only have until September 24, 2014 to join this promo.

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Source: KFC Japan


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