The ancient Japanese city of Kyoto once again played host to the annual Kyoto International Anime and Manga Fair, and after a lot of promotions including some very special Kyoto anime trains, the event finally kicked off over at Miyako Messe last September 20, 2014 and featured plenty of anime and manga goodies for everyone present.

The event’s various booths were certainly up to the challenge of the prefecture’s largest anime and manga fair as several companies and series made their presence felt like Aniplex, MBS, Nisekoi, and many more. Upcoming Autumn 2014 anime Terra Formars and The Seven Deadly Sins also made their presence felt and promoted their upcoming premieres with their unique booths as Terra Formars presented a life-size version of its giant mutant cockroaches while The Seven Deadly Sins adopted a more whimsical approach.

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Shogoin Yatsuhahshi meanwhile displayed their anime and vocaloid-themed traditional Japanese sweets like their recently-unveiled Hatsune Miku Yatsuhashi as well as some traditional sweets from Madoka Magica and One Piece.

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There were plenty of exhibits during the event with artworks, illustrations, and even autographs. The event also featured various stage shows and interviews.

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One pf the event’s highlights may be the life-size Type 98 Ingram from the live action Patlabor series which certainly turned heads near the Heian Shrine, one of Japan’s most important and historical landmarks. Fans flocked to the Heian Shrine just to catch a glimpse of the giant police robot.

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An official video from the event has also been uploaded by Animate

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