Japan’s old capital of Kyoto is one of the most anime-friendly cities in Japan, and with the Kyoto International Anime and Manga Fair already almost upon us, the city’s anime trains are making a comeback. 


Just like last year’s Kyoto anime trains for the event, the Tozai line is collaborating with several anime and manga titles to give the city a more anime vibe. This year, the city of Kyoto is teaming up with Case Closed!/ Detective Conan, Kami-sama Kiss, Nanana’s Buried Treasere, and upcoming Fall 2014 anime, Amagi Brilliant Park.

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Here are some images of this year’s Kyoto anime trains

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The trains will be available until late October 2014. The Kyoto International Anime and Manga Fair meanwhile will be held from September 20 – 21, 2014 over at Kyoto’s Miyako Messe.

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