New visuals of the live action Danganronpa stage play titled Danganronpa The Stage ~ Kibo no Gakuen to zetsubo not Kôkôsei ~ have finally been released and they reveal the cast in full costume and from the visuals alone, you can tell that they have put a lot of effort in trying to be accurate to the original murder mystery video game as much as possible. Here are the cast members in full costume:

Rei Okamoto as Kyoko Kiriogiri

dngn 1

Hikaru Oosawa as Toko Fukawa/ Genocider Syo also known as Genocider Jill

dngn 2

Kanata Hongou as Makoto Naegi

dngn 3

Akira Ishida (not the voice actor) as Yasuhiro Hagakure

dngn 4

Masaya Matsukaze as Yasuhiro Hagkure


Ren Yagami as Mondo Oowada

dngn 5

Reina Ikehana as Celestia Ludenberg

dngn 6

Seitarou Mukai as Hifumi Yamada

dngn 7

Manpei Takagi  as Kiyotaka Ishimaru

dngn 8

AKB48’s Haruka Ishida as Chihiro Fujisaki

dngn 9

Makoto Okunaka as Chihiro Fujisaki

dngn 10

NMB48’s Fujie Reina as Aoi Asahina

dngn 11

Nagisa Oshima as Aoi Asahina

dngn 12

Yukie Yamaguchi as Sakura Oogawa

dngn 14

Ryota Ozawa as Byakuya Togami

dngn 13

Yuya Miyashita as Leon Kuwata

dngn 16

Hinako Tanaka as Sayaka Maizono

dngn 17

and finally, Sayaka Kanda as Junko Enoshima


If you are confused as to why some of the characters have two actors to play them, this is because some of them are quite busy that they sometimes need other actors to stand in for them like NMB48’s Fujie Reina and AKB48’s Haruka Ishida. The first one to be revealed in costume was Sayaka Kanda whose looks have been praised by fans as very accurate.

Spike Chunsoft’s Kazutaka Kodaka, who is one of the original video game’s creators will be supervising the Danganronpa stage play which will be held at the Nippon Seinenkan from October 29 – November 3, 2014.What do you think of their costumes now that the full cast has been revealed?

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