Love Live! is without a doubt one of the most successful anime series today, and it is certainly one of the most cosplayed series out there. However, one particular Love Live! cosplay photo session only featured one μ’s member and she is none other than the alpaca-loving school idol/ maid, Kotori Minami.


The unique cosplay photo shoot involved seven photographers and 23 cosplayers, all of whom dressed up as Kotori. Some of her most popular incarnations have been represented in the shoot, from “Maid Kotori” to “School Girl Kotori” and even some of her performance costumes.


The Kotori shoot was dedicated to Kotori for her birthday, which will be on September 12, 2014 and it involved plenty of Kotori cosplayers from all over Japan.


Kotori Minami, Kotori Minami everywhere! What a truly spectacular gathering of Kotoris indeed. Here are more of the images taken from that photo shoot. They even had cake for the about-to-be birthday girl, and since this is Kotori we are talking about, the shoot even had one very special guest… Umi-dah! And it looks like the maid Kotoris were very very happy to see her.

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All this shoot needs now are alpacas and everything would have been perfect. Ain’t that right Kotori?


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Source: Yaraon!

Images from: Yuzujicrocro_kayounyonyo2milkgreentea328


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