September 12 is a special day for Love Live! fans as it marks the birthday of one of the most popular μ’s members, Kotori Minami. And as usual, Love Livers from all over Japan have showed a lot of love for this alpaca-loving school idol and celebrated her birthday in the most unique ways possible.

Love Livers often grovel before the presence of these school idols. Just like the Chinese Love Livers in Shanghai grovelling before the Love live! trains, this fan grovelled before a cut out of Kotori inside an arcade.


And speaking of arcades, Sega Akihabara and other Sega arcades also had some Kotori birthday celebrations of their own with a side of Rin Hoshizora.

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Of course, fans also took to twitter to post their own Kotori Minami birthday celebrations. Here are some of the great Kotori artworks some of them have made just for today.


From @ 77Gl


from @ Yuyake0084LL


from @ 2Jiiro_7star7


from @ Karamone_ze


And no anime birthday celebration is complete without character shrines and cakes, right?


And perhaps one of the biggest Kotori birthday celebrations was that Kotori-only cosplay photo shoot which involved 23 Kotori cosplayers all for her birthday. You can check it out through this link.

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