Remember Lego Miku? That very build showed that it takes a whole lot of patience and skill in building legos, and now, another lego builder is showing some of his skills as he builds Pokemon not just out of lego blocks, but also Bionicle and Technic.


Lego builder Mike Nieves put in a lot of work into his lego Pokemon and the details were quite outstanding. He’s built an impressive line-up too, which include many Poke favorites from fire-types Charizard, Arcanine and Rapidash to Gyrados and Leafeon.

lgpkmn1 lgpkmn2 lgpkmn3 lgpkmn4

And since he made a Gyrados, he’s gotta have a Magikarp too, right?


His impressive Poke builds also include Scizor, Mew, Mewtwo, Entei, Cubone, Blastoise, Venusaur, and many more.

lgpkmn 10 lgpkmn 11 lgpkmn 12 lgpkmn 13 lgpkmn6 lgpkmn7 lgpkmn8 lgpkmn9 lgpkmn14

He’s even done some Pokemon battles with his creations. Here’s Aggron taking on Medicham.

mdav1 mdav2 mdav3

Gotta Build’em All, right?

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