Cosplay has now become one of the most popular hobbies on Earth, and the city of Matsudo, Chiba is seeking to appeal more to cosplayers as it has been announced that the city is a “Cosplay-friendly City”.

The Matsudo City Shopping Board has come up with a poster with the catchphrase “This weekend, I am going to transform”. This is all to increase the city’s appeal to cosplayers all over Japan and “liven up the city”.

matsudo 1

The city has given its full support for this venture. In fact, one of the girls in the poster is wearing the actual school uniform of Matsudo High School.

The city’s 21 Seiki no Mori to Hiroba park has recently become a popular cosplay destination and has become a frequented area for cosplay photo shoots. This is one of the reasons for the city openly accepting cosplayers and inviting them to participate in various cosplay activities all over the city.

An event has even been scheduled for September 28 where a cosplay booth will be located near Matsudo Station. The cosplayers will be having a photography session in the booth which also promises to feature young children in costume.

The city of Matsudo was known to be the location of the Bandai Museum before it  was closed down in 2006 and subsequently moving to Mibu, Tochigi in 2007. It is also known for making moe posters and standees to fight crime in the area.

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Source: Asahi


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