In Japan, otakus are often presented in the stereotype of the fat, perverted geek with long hair and glasses, however, one man seems to be the exact opposite of that stereotypical look, and his name is Takashikyo Yashimoto, a Japanese track star who is also a huge fan of Kantai Collection.

tsot 3

After blowing away the competition and winning a mere first place in a local track meet,  Yashimoto surprised everyone present as he presented a life-size wall scroll of Kantai Collection‘s Atago at the very top of the winner’s podium. And from the looks of things, he is very proud of this anthropomorphic warship.

tsot 2

Yeah, everyone was surprised all right! His runners-up seem to be laughing really hard as he stood with his Kantai Collection waifu. Oh, and he didn’t just win the race, because of his surprising actions on top of the podium, he also won the internet as the images became quite viral in Japan. Many have even started calling him “The Fastest Otaku in Japan”.

tsot 1

Speaking of otaku track stars, let’s not forget that OreImo’s Kirino is also one, in fact, she is also considered her school’s ace runner. I wonder what Yashimoto thinks of her?


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