Bandai Namco Games has announced that there will be two more idol additions to The [email protected]: One For All video game for the PlayStation 3 and they will be coming from the popular [email protected] game app, Million Live, and they are Nao Yokoyama and Kana Yabuki.

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Both idols will be part of the 5th DLC catalog which will also the new [email protected] song titled “99 Nights”. Nao will have the character song “Happy Lucky Jet Machine” while Kana will be coming along with her own character song as well, which is “Orijinaru-goe ni Natte”.

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Nao Yokoyama is a lively and cheerful girl from Osaka and speaks in a heavy Kansai dialect.  She is voiced by Yui Watanabe who is best known for voicing Yuri from the comedy anime series Teekyuu


Kana Yabuki on the other hand is a bit weird for an idol as she is known to be tone deaf and has a poor singing voice. However, this clumsy girl is quite aware of her faults and tries hard in improving herself, especially in her singing which she so dearly loves. She is voiced by Kido Ibuki who is one of the most popular rising voice actresses today and has voiced the likes of Rinka from Tokyo ESP and Chinami Oka from Golden Time.


Both voice actresses who voice these two characters will be making an appearance during the Tokyo Game Show on September 20 to promote the 5th DLC Catalog which will be available via the PlayStation Store starting September 25, 2014.

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Source: Famitsu


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