If you aren’t familiar with Sanrio’s mobile rhythm game Show By Rock! you will be when 2015 rolls around and the anime adaptation debuts.This year’s Sanrio Expo featured a very special announcement as the company announced that their next anime won’t be staring Hello Kitty, but the main idols from their mobile game Show By Rock!.


The game itself is simple as it lets you progress through a rough story with various bands vying to be the best in Japan. All players start with the high school idol group Plasmagica though, and that’s probably why Sanrio chose to focus their anime efforts on this group rather than any of the others.


Because it’s Sanrio, the character designs wouldn’t be complete without some cute animal aspect, and so you have main vocalist and guitarist Cyan taking up the patented cat girl role.


Chuchu isn’t the sound of kisses but a play on the sound rabbits make in Japan and the name of the secondary guitarist and resident bunny girl in Plasmagica.


Taking up the role of bassist is dog girl Retoree who gets her name from the golden retriever breed of dogs that she resembles.


Haruhi would probably be glad to know that not only is there an alien in the band, but a sheep alien who plays the drums. Her name is Moa and she certainly makes you wonder just why and alien sheep decided to visit this alternate Japan.


The show will be taking up a late night time slot, which means the anime won’t be aimed at young girls but older anime fans. Shortly after the Expo the official trailer went up and you can watch it below.


Do you think the girls of Plasmagica has what it takes to stand up against anime idol giants Love Live and [email protected]?

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