Virtual diva Hatsune Miku is known for teaming up with Japan’s Red Cross Society to urge people to donate blood and save lives. She has shown that she is truly an angel on multiple occasions such as a blood donation drive in last year’s Magical Mirai.


However, older donors may not be allowed to participate in her next venture with the Red Cross as only young people in their teens and 20’s will be the only ones allowed. This youth-oriented blood donation campaign is aimed at making blood donation look cool for the young people living in Shiga Prefecture.

This is because the number of donors in their teens and 20’s have declined and the Red Cross is banking on Miku’s popularity to have younger people to donate some of their own blood. Red Cross PR division’s Takasu Maeda has commented that he is glad that Miku is helping out to get younger people into donating blood. Hopefully, Nurse Miku can ease the worries of some donors who are a little bit afraid of the needle.


The youth-exclusive blood donation drive will be located over at Kasatsu City’s Japanese Red Cross Society Blood Center and those donors in their teens and 20’s will be getting some limited edition Red Cross X Hatsune Miku goodies like clear files with special Hatsune Miku illustrations. Older donors may still give blood, but they won’t get any Miku merchandise.

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Source: Sankei news MSN


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