During an interview with foreign media during the Tokyo Game Show 2014, Bandai Namco games producer Youzou Sakagami answered several questions regarding the [email protected] series and unveiled that development for the latest game in the series for the PlayStation 4 “has just begun”.


In the interview, he was asked if an extension to the new The [email protected]: One For All game for the PS3 will be released, and to that, he responded:

If it were an extension of the game that launched for PlayStation 3, then the PlayStation 4 version would have been out already

This also means that he just confirmed that this Ps4 game will be a completely new game and different from One For All. A follow-up question then asked when will the PS4 game will be released and to that, he answered that development has just begun and given a good amount of time in developing the game, we may finally see the new PS4 game.


Sakagami also answered several questions regarding Shiny Festa video game which just received an iOS version. He said that there are no plans in porting the game into other platforms such as the PS Vita, however, he did confirm that they are currently planning on a localized version for the English and Chinese markets.

Well then PlayStation 4, are you ready? Are you a [email protected]?

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Source: Kultur


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