Peach John has a new model for their unique line of Sailor Moon underwear, and it seems that they have made the right choice as AKB48 idol Haruna Kojima has made many fans in Japan quite happy with the decision.

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Like Japanese super model Rei Yasui, who is the first Sailor Moon Lingerie Girl, Kojima looks quite comfortable donning the Sailor undies, however, she seems to be modelling a whole lot more of Peach John’s Sailor Moon underwear than her predecessor as she also modeled the newly unveiled Outer Senshi Sailor Lingerie 

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Haruna Kojima is no stranger to being a lingerie model as she starred in a Peach John TV ad which was inspired by Disney’s Frozen. However, she did not only model the Sailor Moon underwear, but she also modeled some of Peach John’s sleepwear like the Princess Serenity nightgown, the Black lady nightgown, and a pajama inspired by Usagi and Ami’s school uniform.

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Now who do you think wore it better, Haruna Kojima or Rei Yasui?

The new line of Peach John underwear come as a set of three and includes a Sailor Moon bra, panties, choker and skirt and each set costs 7,538 yen. They are scheduled to ship out March 2015 and reservations will begin on September 19, 2014. Reservations will close on September 30, 2014.

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