The magical girls of Pretty Cure have become the latest “Banana Girls” from international fruit company Chiquita, and in a new promo, they are releasing several “Pretty Cure Bananas” for a limited time.


These bananas come with a special Pretty Cure sticker and packaging to truly give it that magical PreCure feel.


Not only that, but Chiquita will also be giving away special collaboration merchandise. 2,000 PreCure X Chiquita muffler towels, towels, and blankets will be given away via lottery to those who will be submitting the bar codes attached to these bananas. Cash prizes worth 3,000 yen and Gift Catalogs will also be given away. The promo period has already started and it will only be until October 13.

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Looks like the only thing this promo needs now is for the Pretty Cure magical girls to sing their own version of the “Banana Song” by the Minions from Despicable me. Banana-bana-nana…

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